As far as this author is concerned, it is quite fickle for the US to feel this way about Russia. Snowden was allowed to leave this country freely and to try and pull him back here through political force is really hypocritical of the Federal Government. We support many other people who leave their nations as political enemies to reside here. How is it now that we cannot accept that one of our own citizens, who broke the law, is not allowed to seek asylum in a foreign country? Are we seriously becoming a world octopussian dictatorship?

-The Poliblogger


Several analysts in Russian newspapers see the decision by US President Barack Obama to cancel his visit to Moscow next month as a sign that ties between the White House and the Kremlin are set to deteriorate further.

Some say that Russia’s decision to grant temporary asylum to the fugitive US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden is the reason for the crisis in bilateral relations. Others, however, point to stalled negotiations on nuclear arms reduction and the lack of progress on other important issues for the past several years.

According to one commentator, problems between Washington and Moscow have now become ”strategic and long-term”, while another writes that the US has ”struck Russia off its priority list”.

via BBC News – Russian media predict big freeze in US ties.