Talk about a bad day at work? Yeah this is a bad day at work. I cannot even fathom why someone would set fire to a shit. That is mutiny. Well it got this darwinian 17 years in federal prison and a 400 million dollar fine. Can’t say I blame the Government for trying to collect.

-The Poliblogger

Sub Fire

Casey James Fury simply didn’t want to be at work, and in the process cost the Navy nearly a half-billion dollars and one attack submarine.

Fury admitted to setting fire to the USS Miami, a nuclear sub, in May 2012 while it was in dry dock. He was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison in March and ordered to pay $400 million in restitution — roughly the cost of the damage.

The Navy won’t see anything close to that amount from Fury, of course, but neither will it from Uncle Sam.

On Tuesday, the Navy announced that despite the demand for attack submarines being “as strong as ever,” the Miami is being inactivated. The reason: Under sequestration, the federal government’s forced budget cuts, the Navy simply can’t afford to make the repairs.

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