McCain and Graham

Sen John McCain just kicked the Defense Industry in the shins. By calling the ouster of Ex-President Morsi a coup, he basically disallowed the industry through the United States to supply Egypt with Weapons of Destruction. Thanks John! I had no idea you were all about peace in this world.

-The Poliblogger

Cairo (CNN) — U.S. Sen. John McCain says this summer’s ouster of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy was “a coup,” a description that goes against the statements so far from the Obama administration.

The White House has avoided using that term for the Egyptian military’s ouster of Morsy.

“We have said we share the democratic aspirations and criticism of the Morsy government that led millions of Egyptians into the streets … . We’ve also said that the circumstances of (Morsy’s) removal was a coup,” McCain told reporters in Cairo on Tuesday.

McCain also referred to the ouster as a “coup” in July, but he chose to reiterate that description on Egyptian soil at a time when the country is roiling with unrest and violence in the ouster’s aftermath.

He and Sen. Lindsey Graham, both Republicans, met with officials there to press for a quick return to civilian life. The senators were visiting the country for the first time since its president was removed from office.

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