Maj Nidal Hassan

This man, if he is anything, is insane, but that does not give us as a society the right to not deny him a fair trial. Looking forward to seeing this man find his way to a firing squad.

-The Poliblogger

On the same day he stood up and told a packed Fort Hood court room that the “evidence will clearly show that I am the shooter, ” Major Nidal Hasan, who is acting as his own attorney, exclusively turned over to Fox News another page of the “Full Report of Sanity Board, US v. MAJ Nidal M. Hasan” that reveals how the accused gunman initially considered killing soldiers at Ft. Benning, Ga.

Fox News has now reviewed three pages of the 49-page document, which details the findings of an examination of Hasan to determine whether he was mentally fit to stand trial.  It was conducted by a three-member panel at Bell County Jail in Belton, Texas in December 2010.

Hasan directed his attorney in civil matters, John Galligan, to turn over the latest document, page 26 of the report, to Fox News which has repeatedly requested interviews with Hasan in its ongoing reporting.

via Ft. Hood shooter first considered killing soldiers at Ft. Benning, Ga., report says | Fox News.