I am no longer in league with calling the Anti-choice movement, the pro-life movement. This is one of the largest hypocritical claims of the abortion fight! These people who sit so far to the right the flat earth society it makes columbus look like a lunatic, are the same people who believe that the death penalty is ok to use by the state? No They no longer get to call themselves “PRO-LIFE”. They are ANTI-CHOICE and I urge the large media conglomerates to start pushing this term.


Since abortion is a matter of life and death, politics ought to be secondary when we reflect on the issue. But political considerations aren’t trivial. Over the last 20 years, Democrats have captured the middle ground on abortion. Bill Clinton approximated the public mood by declaring that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” Republicans, on the other hand, have found themselves embroiled in an awkward debate about whether rape victims should be required to carry their pregnancies to term. This asymmetry has been around as long as Roe v. Wade. But why should conservatives let Roe define them?

via Pro-Choice and Pro-Life | National Review Online.