One of the more remarkable truths to our current world is that technology has a constructive and destructive effect. Enter Visionary Eric Byler. This man is bringing Interactive advocacy and entrepreneurship to the world.

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Is entrepreneurship of interest to the 99 Percent? It needs to be if we are going to grow the American economy.

FOX and NBC both have cable channels that focus on business and finance from a Wall Street perspective. Along with fellow Coffee Party founder Eli Regalado, I am developing STARTO, a show about entrepreneurship from a Main Street perspective — with a central thesis that the emerging 21st century economy will hold tremendous opportunity for all Americans, even those of us who aren’t already millionaires.

I cannot overstate the significance of the following sentence: Very soon it will be possible for large numbers of people to invest limited amounts of money in startup companies via the Internet AND receive equity in return. On April 5th, President Obama signed the bipartisan Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law, which means that web-based crowd funding companies like Indie Go Go will be able to help entrepreneurs find investors, in addition to collecting donations and pre-sales….

via EricByler | We the People Are the “Job Creators” Now (or, what you need to know about the JOBS Act) (or, what you need to know about the JOBS Act).