“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” -Gandhi

Man’s best friend – the dogs of presidents and politicians | Washington Times Communities.

I think on a lot of levels the real truth in how the American people would be treated in either of these two candidates presidencies can be generally summed up in how each of them treats their Pups!

Mitt Romney, is not really perceived as the peoples candidate but rather the candidate of business and it is shown in how he treated his dog. His dog is a piece of property to him, luggage that needed to be strapped and contained on the roof of the car or else it might get its filth all over the family car. He needed to be isolated from the rest of the family as it was less then equal to them. He was crated and strapped to the roof without a second thought as to whether or not the puppy liked it, found these accomodations suitable, or whether there was enough water or food for the 12 hour trip up there.

Would the American people be treated the same way if Romneys’ actions with crating his dog on the roof of his car are any foreshadowing? According to Gandhi’s view, Romneys’ actions might parallel this. It is almost like he is calling conservatives to vote for him with “Treats” (tax cuts) and a “Come here boy” attitude (You know I’m the only one who can defeat Barrack Obama.)

He has many off the cuff jokes that he has obviously been fed by his handlers and he is willing to say or do anything to bring these people to the polls to vote for him, which is why the social conservative base dislikes him so much.

If you contrast this with how Obama treats his Dog “Bo” you can see how he loves and cherishes him, interacts in a friendly loving way with him, brings him in the car with him, plays with him, and even takes time out of his schedule to enjoy his family time with him.

The comparison is a stark contrast as to how our leaders would treat those whom they could not communicate directly with, and this is so true in the nature of how people are governed. The majority of us will never see or meet our leaders but we are governed by them nonetheless.

I think Gandhi saw this comparison and was wise in his conjecture to point it out. If we want to see how a nation will treat it’s citizens, see how they treat their animals. In closing I think this is also true of a nations leaders. Would you like to ride on the top of a car in a cage for 12 hours without proper food, water, and sanitation, or would you prefer to be in the car with the rest of humanity?

You get to decide this in November of 2012.

-Cameron Michaels