Coffee Party USA | Important facts about our defict, taxes, & the national debt — be an information activist: SHARE!.

As Congress debates cutting essential programs that affect our future, let’s investigate why we have a deficit and a debt problem.  Our tax code is full of loopholes created and exploited by big corporations. They spend the millions that they don’t pay in taxes to control our government with misleading commercials, political donations, and an army of lobbyists camped out on K Street.  

In return, politicians INSIDE our government feign alarm over the deficits created by the tax loopholes their corporate funders have installed, and propose that the difference be made up ordinary people like you and me — by taxes on our pensions and cuts in public safety, job creation, infrastructure, and education.  

“Won’t this anger the voters?” the politicians ask.  “Don’t worry, we’ll pay for campaign commercials, grassroots movements, and think tanks to distract deceive them,” the corporate lobbyists say.  

We won’t be deceived any longer.  We demand that Congress represent We the People instead of corporate campaign funders and lobbyists!


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