Lyle Denniston: Constitution Check: Can the Public Get Access to the Legal Reasons for Targeted Killing?.

As a Former Soldier, I can understand why we would want the authority to go after the bad guys and kill them. It is without question one of the fundamental arguments for National Security, but as we have see in the past, the governments job is not to be tyrannical or imperial, even though in the past we have been. The Governments job is to GOVERN. The decision to have surgical strikes is warranted in my opinion but only after there has been real due process with evidence weighed and presented in a court of law. The only reason I feel this way is because WITHOUT AN ACTUAL DECLARATION OF WAR, we are still sitting in a civil situation where LAWS ARE KING, and unless our leaders feel like murder is a legal right we are all entitled to, I for one suggest that we get back to the constitutional precedent, and stop acting like just because these people are bad, we have a right to infringe on the rules the constitution lays out for us. Until our Constitutional Scholar President recognizes this truth, I for one will look at this administration as I do every administration since the Vietnam days as acting outside of the scope of our founding fathers Law of the Land.

-Cameron Michaels