Kansas to Pregnant Women: “A Little Lie from Your Doctor Won’t Hurt You”.

What a disgusting thing for a LEGISLATOR TO EVEN SUGGEST! Here’s an Excerpt: Buried in a sweeping anti-abortion bill is a provision that would immunize a doctor who discovers that a baby will be born with a devastating condition and deliberately withholds that information from his patient. That’s right. If the bill passes, a doctor who opposes abortion could decide to lie about the results of your blood tests, your ultrasound, your CVS or your AMNIO. Lie to you so that you won’t have information that might lead you to decide to end your pregnancy or that might lead you to learn more about your child’s condition so that you are prepared to be the best parent you can be to your child.

So let me get this straight. A Doctor would be allowed to omit facts, and withhold such information from their patients in Kansas in order to trick the patient into bringing to term a fetus that they might otherwise legally abort if they had that information? If you ask me, the legislators who write this bill ought to be legally liable for the economic costs such an action would pass on to the TAX PAYERS who would have to flip the bill for the added disability costs such a law would propagate. If there was anything that this bill proves, it is that Kansas is supportive of BIGGER MORE INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT and a further delve into a more COMMUNISTIC STATE. Should we start referring to Kansas as MAOSAS?

-Cameron Michaels