1) Our Govt needs to be giving tax credits to people who can prove they bought American to once and for all subsidize the GDP Cost that NAFTA AND CAFTA have created. We Must REBUILD our Manufacturing Foundation HERE in the USA. In Todays marketplace Toyota Employs More American Workers then GM Does. Does it not anger you that Toyota has Manufacturing Plants here and GM’s Plants are in China? In Order to fix this Problem the answer is to make foreign imports so Expensive to the American Public by issuing tax credits to the American Consumer for purchasing American Products, that we even the trade deficit on our soil. American Products would then cost less to Manufacture here thereby forcing BIG BUSINESS to Invest there Billions here rather then building the infrastructure of other countries. The Tax Credits would also Subsidize the Tax increases in the States and The Federal Govt which could Aid in a Surplus instead of Record Deficits. This way the American Public would not be paying Higher Taxes but Rather we would have Big Business Subsidize the tax payers Personal Tax Liability. 


2) Repeal the 17th Amendment and replace it with the following process our Founding Fathers Had Originally supported…


Municipal Councilmen from a county Appoint two people from their district for Consideration to become a State Senator from that county and that County Govt would Vet and Confirm them. Then the State Legislature would convene every 4 years and appoint two people for consideration to represent the State Legislature in the US SENATE and the State Assembly would Vet and Confirm them.


This process would cut theSpecial Interest Money out of the Senate since they would no longer need to run a campaign, and would return the SENATE back to it’s Federalist Position in our system of Government which is what the Senate was intended for by our founding fathers. Our Founding Fathers wanted all people who had made it through 4 checks and balances at the LOCAL MUNICIPAL LEVEL to represent their respective States in the US SENATE to stop any and all plutocratic forces from gaining power in the Federal Govt. The Founding Fathers knew that if you were to allow Big Business or Big Money Interests to Run our country in any form, it would end up destroying it, because Corporatist, Lobbying, and campaign Contributing entities are only interested in their influence and gain that influence through Quid Pro Quo also known as CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS. If I were elected I would institute the Right for the Public of all states the right to Petition the State Legislature with 25% of the Previous Elections registered voters the ability to call for a SENATORIAL AND CONGRESSIONAL RECALL Vote on the floor of the Assembly and State Senate with Hearings. If 60% of the Votes in the State Assembly and State Senate vote to recall they must immediately appoint their next choice so as not to leave the seat unfilled. The Heart of the Senate is supposed to be a Republic, The Heart of the House is A Democracy. WE MUST DENY SENATORS THE ABILITY TO RAISE MONEY THROUGH CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS. DENY ANY LOBBYING FIRMS FROM RENTING PROPERTY OR OWNING PROPERTY ON FEDERAL LANDS IF WE ARE TO BE A COUNTRY OF WE THE PEOPLE.


3) Re-instate Glass-Steagle to stop Commercial Banks from Becoming Casinos with our Money. If you want to be an Investment Bank you can Only be an Investment Bank. If You want to be a Savings Bank You can only be a Savings Bank.


4) Reform the 16th Amendment (Tax Code) to be Equally Taxing across the Board, closing all loopholes and forcing all peoples and corporate entities to compete on an even FREE MARKET playing field. This would get rid of the Annual Deficits and finally put Big Business and Small Business on an even playing field thereby giving all people of our country the ability to LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM.


5) Audit the FED and Put the governance of it under the Treasury with FULL PUBLIC TRANSPARENCY. Disallow Congress the ability to just print more money in times of deficit. REINSTITUTE EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110 written by President John F. Kennedy.




7) Nationalize Elections. Why should we allow the Corporations to fund our representatives campaigns? They are our Reps, not the Special interests.


8) Make it a conflict of interest for any Representative that was elected to office by a public vote to work for any lobbying firm for 10 years after they stop working in the office they upheld.


9) Force the FCC to make 4 channels 1) Federal 2) State 3) County 4) Municipal that allow free advertising for all Candidates for Public office regardless of party and allow equal air time, and allow corporate advertising for or against a candidate with the stipulation that they state that their advertising is in support of one candidate and against another and was paid for by that entity. We Force Medical companies to state their medications side effects. We need to force corporations to state their propaganda as propaganda.


10) Compulsory Voting. Senators cannot make a Quorum without almost everyone there, How can we elect our leaders without everyone saying who they want? There is a law that forces us to serve on Jury duty, but not in the election of our leaders?


11) Term Limits are needed for EVERY Publicly elected office. 8 years total regardless of what office you hold.


12) A Neither Candidate button in All Election booths that if pressed more then either candidate on the ticket, disqualifies both candidates from being elected in the election ticket that they are on. Two new Candidates or more can be on the ticket or written in for the next election which should happen no more the 90 days after the previous election. Long Enough to propose the platforms that the new candidates want to run on.


13) Strengthen the Anti-trust and Anti-Monopoly Laws to include Too Big To Fail and Break up all private and public institutions into smaller businesses that are forced to compete with each other. In other words force big business to split apart their divisions and departments into smaller companies. This would disallow them to collectively oppress small business while forcing them to compete and grow which ends up in bigger GDP Growth, investment in manufacturing to boot, and more hiring. No one wants to talk about this. This is especially true of Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and BIG BANKING. We should also use it against the FED which if it is Deemed a private bank owned by the 6 largest banks in the nation, then it must be broken up or re-instated under the Treasury like President Kennedy tried to do in Executive Order 11110. I believe in a minimalist Capitalist approach. It’s Capitalism, that once a Private or Public Organization gets to large it must be broken down into smaller pieces to grow again. not destroyed or owned by the govt. but split into pieces in order to grow again. Those who own stock in the parent company get stock in the other companies as well therefore generating a Hampster wheel of Growth driven by industry, and not by the tax payer. It’s like trimming hedges so one hedge doesn’t kill the whole garden of eden.


14) Every Federal Budget will be balanced if not generating a surplus from this day forward. It should be considered a matter of national security that we not sell our debt to foreign nations like we did these last 100 years. We need to make the Balanced Budget Law requiring every budget to be a balanced budget. If it’s not balanced, Taxes Go up. Period.


If you support these ideas, please tell me so. Thank you.