Sen. Susan Collins: The political center can survive – The Washington Post.

The Intriguing part of this article is that the truth in one form or another was spoken. To Quote Sen Collins, “What has been lost in recent times is a commitment to Congress as an institution, a sense that we are collectively responsible for addressing the issues that confront our country, and that if the institution fails to perform each of us bears responsibility. Just when we most need to function as a team, it appears many of us are unable to see beyond our individual self-interest or the interest of our political party.

This is a fact. Centrist philosophy in our politics is no longer the majority ideal, but the rarest of minority ideals, as people have chosen sides in this fight. The scary thing is that we as a people are the bounty in this war and we as centrists are being pushed both left and right; Abortion, Anti-Abortion, Tax Cuts, No tax Cuts, Anarchy, Communism; It has become an absurd spin of ideals with sensible real people being hurt. How shall we move forward if we can’t stop giving pulling each other apart?