Michigan Kalamazoo Tar Sands Oil Spill footage.

It’s almost an impossibility that we have been able to succeed without killing off our species let alone the planet but allowing the Keystone Pipeline XL to move forward without the real environmental studies completed would be like allowing smokers back near a gas pump. We have survived this long because we never had the opportunities to actually do irreparable damage to our environment. Unfortunately we have the capability to do this now. Bitumen is the substance that is mined from the ground in Canada and is so thick and sluggish that an added chemical needs to be added to make it move fast enough through the pipes. Kalamazoo river residence know just how bad this stuff really is, as they are victims of a bituminous spill. The residence and clean up operators have been trying to clean the riverbed in Michigan because the BITUMEN SINKS IN WATER. Allow this to be pumped from the top of Canada to the gulf of Mexico and we are assuring ourselves less clean water then ever before in history. Write your congressman and President.